Services Overview

The team at Obelisk Solutions has provided us with development services that has consistently exceed our expectations. We are a product development company, and their experience in the latest internet technologies combined with a strong consulting background, helps us concentrate on our business while Obelisk meets our development demands. We have worked with Obelisk on several projects ranging from E-Commerce integrations to Custom ERP's to Mobile Development and will continue working with them in this space. They have proved to be reliable and cost effective, but most importantly, they have been accommodative and support us within the blink of an eye
— Chief Technology Officer,
Cooolio Online
We have helped customers with their custom development needs across a wide spectrum of technology and varying complexity. We strive to get our partners from requirements stage to a great working product in the fastest and most accurate way as possible. We have successfully delivered more than 50 projects from 5 different countries but that does not make us any less passionate from being extremely passionate and serious about every project that we take as if it were our first project. Let's build something new today!
Application Development Services

Application Development

We have the capabilities to help you build most engaging, scalable and reliable web applications. The application could be anything from your multi lingual corporate website to an enterprise CMS to a snazzy e-commerce portal. We cater to entire lifecycle of web application development from experience design to architecture to release to deployment and maintenance.

Mobile Development

We offer native application development service for mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows. We also help you build a scalable language agnostic backend, serving the mobile applications across the platforms, consuming feeds from multiple data sources, enabling your content production team have extremely optimized way of authoring and publishing content.

Mobile Development
Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Every business is unique with the nuances and complexities of the processes followed. We help you build enterprise software that abstracts the complexity of your complex business rules away from the everyday end users of the business application. We have built application ranging from software managing your supply chain of time sensitive goods, to software helping you predict fault and plan maintenance of your factories, to a completely custom developed ERP

Analytics & Data Visualization

We help you build applications that enable you to gain meaningful insight into large volume of data. We help you present insights out of your data in most compelling and engaging visualizations. We can build applications for you that consume data from multiple sources, let you do manual value add to the data points and then run analysis. We bet you cannot stop looking at those splendid visualizations.

Analytics and Data Visualization
Health Insurance

Health Insurance - RSBY

Our application stack caters to the entire spectrum of health insurance business, including enrollment, transaction, and claim management. We have successfully developed STQC certified applications and have implemented and supported them in remote locations. We have built a strong expertise in smart cards, bio metric authentication, and can implement the applications across vendor devices. In Claim Management, we have qualified fraud detection systems that use extensive analytics and prediction modules to detect and deter system abuse. We have helped some of our customers in reducing the claim processing times from weeks to a matter of days.